Luminous Vortices was composed by Von Hansen for Rela Percussion on glass instruments with live electronic processing. It was premiered at Central Michigan University in 2018.

"Beams" was written for Rela Percussion by composer Benjamin Daniels. This piece was part of a collaboration between Rela and three featured composers from Duke University. 


Excerpt of David Gillingham's "Glass Cathedral" for 4 glass marimbas

"Merge" by Ryan Elvert

Recorded at Black Swamp Percussion's Shop

"Music for Pieces of Wood" by Steve Reich

"Rhumbera" is an original composition by Rela member Patrick Fitzgibbon. 


"Pushing 30" was written by Rela member Patrick Fitzgibbon and is based on a 29-beat cycle. This piece also features member Mike List on tabla.

"Putty Boy Strut" is a composition by electronic music composer Flying Lotus and was transcribed for us by Patrick Fitzgibbon.